Image: Vision of the Grail Castle

T he scene is laid first in the domain and in the castle of the guardians of the Grail, Monsalvat, where the countryside resembles the northern mountains of Gothic Spain; afterwards in Klingsor's magic castle on the southern slope of the same mountains which looks towards Moorish Spain. The costume of the Knights and Squires resembles that of the Templars: a white tunic and mantle; instead of the red cross, however, there is a dove flying upwards on scutcheon and mantle.


* Act 1 - A rock-strewn clearing in a forest, shadowy but not gloomy. Daybreak.

* Act 2 - Klingsor's magic castle. In the inner keep of a tower which is open to the sky.

* Act 3 - Flowering meadows at the edge of a forest. It is early on a spring morning.

* But what happens in Parsifal ? The inner action of the drama.

* So what is the message of Parsifal ? Thoughts on the meaning of the drama.

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