Perceval's Visit to the Grail Castle

Following directions from a man who was fishing from a small boat on the river, Perceval, seeking lodgings, arrived at a splendid castle. He was greeted by squires, who attended to his horse and escorted Perceval into the hall, where he found, sitting on a bed, a handsome nobleman with greying hair, who presented Perceval with a fine sword.

open quotesWhile they were talking of one thing and another, a boy came from a chamber clutching a white lance by the middle of the shaft, and passed between the fire and the two who were sitting on the bed. Everyone in the hall saw the white lance with its white head; and a drop of blood issued from the lance's head, and right down to the boy's hand this red drop ran. close quotes

P erceval wanted to ask about this lance, but then he remembered that his tutor in chivalry had instructed him to avoid talking too much, so he kept silent.

Parzival (or Perceval) at the Grail Castle, by A. Spiess
Above: Parzival (or Perceval) at the Grail Castle, by A. Spiess, 1883-4.

Again, Perceval wanted to ask for an explanation, but he remembered his good manners. Food and drink then appeared, and as each course was served, the Grail was again brought through the hall and into the next chamber.

open quotesJust then two other boys appeared, and in their hands they held candlesticks of the finest gold inlaid with black enamel ... A girl who came in with the boys, fair and comely and beautifully adorned, was holding a Grail between her hands. When she entered holding the Grail, so brilliant a light appeared that the candles lost their brightness like the stars or the moon when the sun rises. After her came another girl, holding a silver trencher. The Grail, which went ahead, was made of fine, pure gold; and in it were set precious stones of many kinds, the richest and most precious in the earth or the sea: those in the Grail surpassed all other jewels, without a doubt. They passed before the bed as the lance had done and disappeared into another chamber. close quotes

open quotesBut he held his tongue more than he should have done, for as each dish was served he saw the Grail pass before him, right before his eyes, and he did not know who was served from it and he longed to know. After the meal, Perceval's host wished him good night and four squires carried him out on his bed. The lad was shown to a bed for the night. When he awoke the next morning, the castle appeared to be deserted. close quotes

Perceval sees the Grail, the bleeding spear and a sword at the Grail Castle.
Above: Perceval sees the Grail, the bleeding spear and a sword at the Grail Castle.

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