Motif 27: Devotion or Resignation

German names: Kundrys hingebende Motiv, Hingebungsmotiv

Musical example: Motif 27 - Devotion
Soundbytes  Devotion (ogg format)

Newman called this motif Devotion. It appears three times in the second act: first when Kundry tells Parsifal that she has waited for him, to give him tidings; then when she begs him to have pity for her (und ob mich Gott und Welt verstösst); and finally at her last despairing appeal to him (bar 1259 etc.).

Soundbytes Lass mich an seinem Busen weinen (Violeta Urmana, 2002; ogg format)

In act III, the motif returns as Kundry catches sight of the approaching stranger (bars 162-163); and it appears again as Kundry brings water to Parsifal (bars 455-458). So this is the motif of Kundry as self-sacrificing woman.

The Devotion motif with its falling fourths can be seen as a derivative of the Bells motif, of which the red notes can be regarded as a variation, while the last three notes can be regarded as a variation of the first three notes of the same motif; alternatively as derived from the Prophecy motif.

Albert Lavignac referred to this motif as "Resignation". He suggested that the falling fourths of motif Bells, together with themes in Die Meistersinger and Siegfried that also feature falling fourths, could be related to the "answer" motif in Beethoven's F major quartet, opus 135: Es muss sein. This relationship appears most clearly in the red notes of the example above.

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