Motif 26: Quarrel and Flattery

German name: Zankmotiv; Schmeichelfigur

Soundbytes Quarrel (ogg format)

Musical example: Motif 26a - Quarrel

There are several themes associated with the Flowermaidens or Magic Maidens. Quarrel (Wolzogen: letztes Thema der Mädchen) accompanies the Flowers as they quarrel over their prey, Parsifal, hence Lorenz called it Zankmotiv or Quarrel.

Wolzogen and Lorenz identified several other motives in this scene, including one that Lorenz called the Flattery motif (Schmeichelfigur). Below: this example from Lorenz (p.117) shows how Flattery develops from some earlier music of the Flowermaidens:

Musical example: Motif 26b - development of Flattery motif

This pretty melody is based on the descending motif of Suffering. The Flowermaidens bring to men what Wagner once called, the suffering of seduction.

References: von Wolzogen ex.15-5, Lorenz pp.117-9, Kufferath ex.32, ex.34, ENO ex.62-64, Bauer pp.82-3.

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