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These articles and associated notes present many different approaches to Wagner's Parsifal. This is an unstructured list of the contents of the web-site. For a structured view see the index of articles. For viewing this site, a tablet, laptop or desktop PC with a screen width of at least 980 pixels is recommended.

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Catharism and the Albigensian Crusade

Adolphe Appia on Parsifal and the Ring Heine's Atta Troll (extract)

The "Ban" on Parsifal

The Sacrament of Baptism

Parsifal in Wolfgang Wagner's staging at Bayreuth

The Bells of Monsalvat

A Parsifal Bibliography Biographical Notes The Eagle, the Phoenix and the Divine Blood Joseph Campbell on Parsifal

Schopenhauer on Loving-kindness

The Cauldron of the God Celtic Legends
Chrétien de Troyes

The Loathly Damsel


The Dove

Parsifal at Covent Garden
Erlösung dem Erlöser

A Letter from Richard to Mathilde Seven Faces of Kundry

Magic Flowers

Good Friday

Gawain at the Grail Castle

The Genesis of Parsifal The Holy Grail Parsifal and Greek Myth The Wandering Jew


Wagner, Buddhism and Parsifal An Introduction to Wagner's Parsifal
Wagner's Books from the East

Josaphat and the Beautiful Maiden

Schopenhauer on Justice

Kundry A Cautionary Tale

Bernard Levin on Parsifal
Lilith, Eve and Kundry

The Waste Land Lévi-Strauss on Parsifal

Thomas Mann on Parsifal

Cornucopia Spiritual Masters

The Mead of Poetry

Meyerbeer's Robert and Wagner's Parsifal
Schopenhauer on Compassion

Wagner's Muse An Introduction to the Music of Parsifal The Mystical Chord

Glossary of Names

Parsifal and the Nazis

Nietzsche on Parsifal

Jesus of Nazareth - Buddha (The Victors) - Parsifal The Land of Non-Being Notes on Act 1 Notes on Act 2 Notes on Act 3

Orchestration of Parsifal

Orgelûse the Haughty Lady Peredur son of Evrawc

Prelude to Act 1

Prelude to Act 2

Prelude to Act 3 Parsifal's Progress

Prose Draft (Munich, August 1865) The Question

Parsifal and Race Eternal Rebirth

Musical Motives in the Ring

G.B. Shaw on Parsifal

Die Sieger (The Victors) Cousin Sigûne the Lamenting Maiden Sleeping and Waking

Wagner's Sources The Wounding and Healing Holy Spear

Parsifal on Stage

Leitmotif Guide

Plot Summary: Synopsis of Parsifal

A Short Summary of Act 1

A Short Summary of Act 2

A Short Summary of Act 3

What happens in Parsifal?

The Message of Parsifal

Suneson on Indian Influences in Parsifal Syberberg's Parsifal Film

Symbols Wieland Wagner's Parsifal Cross

PARSIFAL - A New English Translation with Commentary
The Tristan Chord

The Fair Unknown

Vegetarianism and Antivivisection

Verlaine's Poem

Transformation Scenes Perceval's Visit to the Grail Castle

Richard Wagner to Mathilde Wesendonk

Parzival and Parsifal Swans and Geese: Wagner's Wildfowl Wolfgang Wagner on Parsifal
Wolfram von Eschenbach
Wolzogen on Parsifal
Richard Wagner on Parsifal Parsifal and Christianity

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