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Wagner's Books from the East

Here is a list of books, each of which Wagner at some time had in his possession, concerning the literature, religion or other aspects of India, Nepal, Ceylon or some nearby country. In preparing this list, I have concentrated on books that are about these countries — regardless of where they were written — and on translations of oriental literature, as opposed to western literature that found its inspiration in the orient. In one case, where it has not been established for certain that Wagner had a copy of the book — although he might have known about its contents at secondhand — this is marked as (probable). In all other cases, there is documentary evidence that Wagner had the book; in most of these cases, Wagner's copy of the book can be see at Haus Wahnfried, either in the salon or in the "Dresden library" collection.

Key to the table: A number in the column headed S refers to the reading list provided by Schopenhauer in his misleadingly-named Sinology. A mark in the column headed W indicates that the book is at Haus Wahnfried: D= Dresden library, followed by the book's number in Westernhagen's catalogue. A number in the column headed BB refers to an entry in the Brown Book. A date in the column headed CT refers to the entry for that day in Cosima's Diaries.

Date & place Title and edition Author or translator S W BB CT
Unknown Bhagvat Gita: in the original Sanskrit Unknown *
Unknown Gita Govinda: in the original Sanskrit Dschajadewa *
1801/2, Strassburg Oupnek'hat: in Latin Anquetil Duperron *
1808, Heidelberg Über die Sprache und Weisheit der Indier Friedrich Schlegel *
1820-27, Bonn Indische Bibliothek: eine Zeitschrift August Wilhelm Schlegel *
1834, Paris Livres sacrées de l'orient Guillaume Pauthier *
1834, Paris Essais sur la philosophie des Hindous H.T. Colebrooke, tr. G. Pauthier * 13-14.01.1874
1843, Leipzig Barlaam und Josaphat tr. Rudolf von Ems D8
1843, Leipzig Die Mährchensammlung des Somadeva Bhatta aus Kashmir tr. Hermann Brockhaus *
1843, Leipzig Sammlung orientalischer Mährchen, Erzählungen und Fabeln tr. Hermann Brockhaus *
1844, Paris Introduction à l'histoire du buddhisme indien Eugène Burnouf 10 * 22.05.1873
1847, Leipzig Abhandlung über die heiligen Schriften der Indier H.T. Colebrooke, tr. Ludwig Poley *
1852, Paris Le Lotus de la bonne Loi Eugène Burnouf *
1852, Stuttgart Sakuntale Kalidasa, tr. Ernst Meier *
1853, London A Manual of Buddhism in its modern development (probable) Robert Spence Hardy 23
1854, Stuttgart Indischen Sagen Adolf Holtzmann *
1854-58, Paris Ramayana Valmiki, tr. Hippolyte Fauche * 16.08.1865
1856, Berlin Malavika und Agnimitra Kalidasa, tr. Edmund Lobedanz * 13-14.03.1873
1857, Berlin Die Religion des Buddha und ihre Entstehung Carl Friedrich Koeppen 26 * 20.11, 04.12.1873, 01.10.1882
1857, Berlin Indischen Skizzen Albrecht Weber *
1858-67, Leipsig Indische Alterthumskunde Christian Lassen *
1859, Leipzig Pantschatantra: fünf Bücher indischer Fabeln, Märchen und Erzählungen Theodor Benfrey *
1861, Leipzig Urwasi (Vikramorvasi) Kalidasa, tr. Edmund Lobedanz * 13.03.1873
1861, Paris/Nancy La Bhagavad Gita: ou le Chant du Bienheureux Eugène Burnouf *
1863, Paris Mahabharata Hippolyte Fauche *
1869, Berlin Indische Streifen Albrecht Weber *
1870-73, St. Petersburg Indische Sprüche Otto Böthlink *
1872, Paris Chefs-d'oeuvre littéraires de l'Inde, de la Perse, de l'Egypte et de la China. Bd.1.- Rig-Véda ou livre des hymnes Philippe-Edouard Foucaux *
1874, London Sutta Nipáta, or dialogues and discourses of Gotama Buddha M. Coomára Swámy *
1874, Basel Geschichte der indischen Religion Paul Wurm *
1881, Berlin Buddha. Sein Leben, seine Lehre, seine Gemeinde Hermann Oldenberg * 18.09, 01.10, 14.10, 30.10.1882

The assistance of the staff at Haus Wahnfried and of Dr. Sven Friedrich in this research is acknowledged with gratitude.