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Articles and Notes

Introductory Material

An Introduction to Parsifal

Synopsis: Plot Summary of Parsifal

Schopenhauer on Compassion

Parsifal's Progress

Articles - Sources & Contexts

Wagner's Sources

Parzival and Parsifal (Jessie Laidlay Weston)

Wagner and The Waste Land

Wolzogen on Parsifal

The Wounding and Healing Spear

Parsifal and Greek Myth

Magic Flowers

Swans and Geese: Wagner's Wildfowl

Spiritual Masters: Eckhart and Hafiz

Wagner, Buddhism and Parsifal

Suneson on Indian Influences in Parsifal

Sleeping and Waking

Eternal Rebirth: the Serpent Woman

The Origins of Kundry

Heine's poem Atta Troll: Ein Sommernachtstraum

Articles - Creation


The Genesis of Parsifal

1856: Die Sieger (The Victors)

1858-9: Wagner writing about Parsifal

1860: Richard Wagner to Mathilde Wesendonck

1865: Prose Draft of Parsifal

1876: Wagner's Muse: Judith Gautier

Parsifal Act 2, Metropolitan Opera 2013

Articles - Interpretation

Parsifal and Race

Is there anti-Semitism in Parsifal?

Parsifal and the Nazis

Parsifal during the Second World War

Erlösung dem Erlöser

Parsifal and Christianity

Jesus - Buddha - Parsifal

Articles - References

PARSIFAL - A New English Translation with Commentary

Further Reading

A Parsifal Discography

Vocal score of Parsifal

Articles - Performance

Parsifal on Stage

Adolphe Appia on Parsifal and the Ring

The Tannhäuser Problem Simplified

An alternative programme note for Tristan und Isolde

Parsifal at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York in 1903

Parsifal at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden in 1914

Bernard Levin on Parsifal productions at Covent Garden

Syberberg's Parsifal Film

Parsifal in Stefan Herheim's recent production at Bayreuth: a review and analysis by

Articles - the Music

An Introduction to the Music

Orchestration of Wagner's Parsifal

The Mystical Chord

Leitmotif Guide

Prelude to Act 1

Prelude to Act 2

Prelude to Act 3

Meyerbeer's Robert and Wagner's Parsifal

Transformation Music

The Bells of Monsalvat

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Articles - Reactions

Nietzsche on Parsifal

G.B. Shaw on Parsifal

A Poem by Paul Verlaine

Deryck Cooke on Parsifal

Lévi-Strauss on Parsifal

Joseph Campbell on Parsifal

Thomas Mann on Parsifal

Carl Dahlhaus on Parsifal

Parsifal as a Lego movie

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