Motif 8: Angels (Holy Salute)

German name: Engelthema/ Engelmotiv, Weihegruss

Musical example: Motif 8 - Angels or Holy Salute
SoundbytesAngels (Act 1) - Ludwig Weber; ogg format
Musical example: Angels, act 1
SoundbytesHoly Salute (Act 3) - Daniel Barenboim, Berlin PO; ogg format
Musical example: Holy Salute, act 3

Titurel Receives the Grail, Stassen Left: Titurel Receives the Grail and Spear, oil painting by Franz Stassen.

The Angels motif is a derivative of the Titurel motif and therefore belongs to the family of Faith. It first appears when Gurnemanz tells how angels gave the Grail into the care of the pious Titurel. Because of its (transformed) appearance after the opening of Titurel's coffin in the third act, Wolzogen called this variant "the Holy Salute for Titurel" (Weihegruss). It is a variant of the first two-bar phrase in the upper voice of Angels, with its intervals expanded and essentially an arpeggiated seventh-chord.

References: von Wolzogen ex.25, Newman ex.16, ENO ex.14. Lorenz pp.53-54, p.176, Bauer pp.34-36.

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